This book, written by Dr John Cox, details the History of Dr. Gonstead and the Gonstead Seminar with insights into the personal life of Dr. Clarence Gonstead, Mrs. Gonstead and those most closely associated with him over his life and career. 

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A look into the Philosophy of Gonstead Chiropractic and how perfectly intertwined the original premise set forth by D.D. Palmer is captured in the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. A fresh look at the Gonstead Technique and the little "extras" that have made it the standard by which all other techniques are measured. Provides tips and considerations to help you better understand the application of the Technique. And the section everyone in the profession has been waiting for, Gonstead Case Management.

Covering a wide variety of patient concerns, the Case Management section is a gold mine of information and suggestions for you to better handle any case presentation you may encounter in your practice. An order form has been included with this newsletter for your convenience.


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