Books, Pamphlets & DVDs

The Gonstead practitioner has some marvellous material for purchase for
learning and career long reference, all these publications are
essential additions to your library.
The Gonstead pamphlets offer patients an insight into the difference you
provide with Gonstead chiropractic and do all the talking for you.

In the Footsteps of Dr G Our Lives With C.S. Gonstead

This book, written by Dr John Cox, details the History of Dr. Gonstead and the Gonstead Seminar with insights into the personal life of Dr. Clarence Gonstead, Mrs. Gonstead and those most closely associated with him over his life and career. 

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"Werking on Extremities" - Dr Mark Werking

This book is a reflection of over 35 years of personal clinical experience working with extremity injuries and conditions. The intent of Dr Werking is to present this material in an easy-to-follow, visually inspired format, hopefully elevating not only a greater understanding of extremity conditions but the actual implementation of practical skills to properly treat these conditions.

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Gonstead Brochures (bundle of 100)

Brand New Brochure 

Sold in bundles of 100.

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General Class notes and Workbook

This workbook is the recommended prescribed text for all basic principles and teachings of the Gonstead system. It is recommended for everyone who attends one of our Gonstead seminars.

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Gonstead Chiropractic Science & Art - Herbst

Gonstead Chiropractic Science & Art - Roger W. Herbst

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Contemporary Chiropractic Philosophy: An Introduction

Contemporary Chiropractic Philosophy: An Introduction   By David B. Koch D.Ph.C.S

In this concise introduction to the essentials of chiropractic philosophy, Dr. Koch examines the logical construction of R.W. Stephenson's Thirty-Three Pronciples and Normal Complete Cycle, updates their terminology, and makes them accessible to the 21st - century student.


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Palmer Chiropractic Green Books: The Definitive Guide

The most comprehensive book on the development of Chiropractic Foundational Content for the Chiropractor, student and Green Book Collector.

By: Timothy Faulkner, Joseph Foley and Simon Senzon

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