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Levels of Accreditation awarded to GCS members (19-01-16).

Levels of Accreditation awarded to GCS members.

Ambassador - Pre-requisite 2 years in full time private practice. Has demonstrated a sound knowledge of the theory and philosophy of the Gonstead system through a process of writing a philosophy paper, performing an examination task and providing a basic demonstration of technical skills.  While an Ambassador has received evaluation on the setups required for the adjustment in order for them to develop further, their skill in performing an actual adjustment is not assessed.  Therefore they are not qualified to teach either theory or practical components.  An Ambassador may progress to Diplomate level at the invitation of the GCS.

Diplomate - Pre-requisite four years in full time private practice. Has demonstrated all of the above and successfully completed advanced theory and practical examinations demonstrating a high level of technical proficiency to a panel of Fellows.  The Diplomates have demonstrated their ability to analyse patients and deliver appropriate adjustment taking into account the correct line of drive with a specific contact and appropriate pre-tension.  Diplomates are qualified to assist in the teaching of the technique class in a seminar setting, or to present the technique at privately organised workshops and University undergraduate classes with authority provided by the GCS board.  A Diplomate may progress to Fellow level upon invitation by the GCS Fellows. .

Fellow - has achieved Diplomate status, has 15+ years in private full time practice and offers teaching experience.  A Fellow has been trained under supervision of senior Fellows in the teaching of the Gonstead System to the recognized “gold standard” and is qualified to teach Gonstead Technique in any setting in Australia or Internationally.

Research Fellow – has achieved Diplomate status and may or may not have the teaching experience of a Fellow but has demonstrated a specific knowledge of scientific concepts that relate to the Gonstead system through their own private research and have committed to continue their research activities to meet the objectives established by the GCS Board.