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What a great seminar!

The Melbourne seminar was a huge success.

Dr Joe Bonanno's Essentials class was well attended with delegates keen to learn the foundations of the Gonstead system.  It was a very busy class with a lot of information to cover in 2 days.

Dr David Leach and Dr Tim Free were very impressed by the enthusiasm and skill shown by those who attended the technique class.

The advanced class was presented by Dr Ray Murphy who shared some very handy X-ray analysis tips, in particular, observing the lateral film.  Attendees now know why Gonstead said if he could chose one film, it would be the lateral.

The Philosophy night was a real treat.  Dr Phil McMaster gave us an excellent talk on 'the whiz' which was very entertaining and thought provoking.  We were very pleased to hear of some exciting research conducted by Dr Kelly Holt.  The results of one specific HVLA adjustment on strength improvement in the stroke patient were astonishing. Our friends from The Australian Chiropractic College gave us an introduction and update on the progress of their mission to 'provide a cutting edge, holistic, naturalistic and humanistic approach to chiropractic education'. 

The passion we saw for specific, vitalistic focused chiropractic over the weekend, really confirms our profession is in great hands.

Dr McMaster, guest speaker for philosophy night

That all important 'rat hole'


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