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The Dream Came Through

The dream came through

The words “persevere and you will succeed” are definitely words of power and 

wisdom. It is my pleasure to share with you the results of two years of hard work that

have paid off and a dream that is not a dream anymore, it is a reality. 

The Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic will be presented for the first time ever in Sao 

Paulo, Brazil on December 5th- 7th. Dr. John Cox, Dr. Alex Cox and I are going to be 

sharing with Chiropractors and students what “TRUE Chiropractic” is.

This was my dream. A dream that began from the moment I had the opportunity to 

learn and experience the wonders of Chiropractic and Gonstead. The specificity

approach of Gonstead Chiropractic nested almost immediately in my heart. 

A dream and a vision filled with the philosophy, science and art of Gonstead 

Chiropractic is being shared with colleagues and students around the world. 

Unfortunately however, the principles of Chiropractic nowadays, have been modified 

to such extent that Chiropractic is not Chiropractic anymore. I have witnessed the 

word “vertebral subluxation” be removed from the Chiropractic jargon and even seen 

as unimportant. I have seen a place where “done by hands” is far from what is being 

practiced, where it seems people have forgotten what DD Palmer once said, "if

chiropractic is going to be a science then it MUST be SPECIFIC." 

The journey walked these two years has been far from easy but extremely rewarding. 

Today, it is a pleasant feeling to see the results of hard work. And there has been no 

greater honour to be chosen to pioneer the planting of the Gonstead System of 

Chiropractic in South America. It has arrived, and it is growing. To think that this 

time last year, our practice was unheard of and to see where it is now, it is unreal.

It all started when I had the great honour to be invited by the Argentinian Chiropractic 

Association last April to travel to the city of Paraná were for the first time ever a 

Gonstead seminar was present to forty-eight delegates made up by Chiropractors and 

students of Chiropractic. I presented the seminar entirely in Spanish so; we can say 

now that Gonstead Chiropractic has not only arrived on new lands but has also 

conquered other languages besides English. 

The seed was sown and with the right care it has begun to bear fruit. The Gonstead 

Revolution started and that is why straight after Brazil, from 12th- 14th of December, I 

will be visiting Argentina once again where a second Gonstead Chiropractic seminar 

will be held this time on the beautiful city of Córdoba. 

And it does not end there. The seed sown last April has not only made a difference in 

Argentina but has spread its greatness across borders. This December, thirteen 

Chiropractors from Chile will make the trip to Argentina with just one purpose, to 

know more about "real chiropractic". 

"Persevere and you will succeed" are definitely words of power and wisdom. The 

seed sown has given fruit. It is now time to harvest and we are going full throttle!

Always in Gonstead! 

Oscar Bacino, BSc; MSc; BC



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