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The Coccyx – Gonstead Chiropractic Analysis and Management. David Leach BSc, MChiro

Coccydynia is an extremely painful condition that Chiropractors have treated to varying levels of success. True coccyx problems are five times more common in women than in men; probably because of the female pelvis leaving the coccyx more exposed (1).


The patient with coccyx pain usually presents with a history of trauma to the coccyx area caused by a fall, car accident, pregnancy or childbirth. Insidious onset of symptoms can occur in response to an aggravation of a pre-existing coccyx injury or a referred pain syndrome. Pain is located directly around the coccyx area and may radiate into the buttocks or legs. Paraesthesia or numbness may occur around the saddle region or posterior thighs. The coccyx subluxation may also result in pain before or during a bowel movement, during intercourse, or around the time of a woman’s period. The pain of a true coccyx problem is characteristically worse on sitting, and gets worse the longer you sit. Pain can last for days after inappropriate sitting, particularly on hard surfaces. Pain is often aggravated when the patient rises quickly from the seated position.


Twenty separate cases are presented here to highlight the Gonstead systems analysis of the coccyx and Gonstead’s specific approach to correction.




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