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2014 Domestic Seminar Wrap-Up

The recently past Sydney domestic Gonstead seminar was yet another outstanding event put on by GCS (Aust). High quality information, instruction and a driving ambition to strengthen the quality of Gonstead chiropractors in Australasia have become the hallmarks of GCS (Aust) seminars.

The energy was fantastic over the weekend. A multitude of information was shared and detailed instruction delivered by the GCS Diplomates and Fellows. We are truly lucky to have such a rich pool of friendly and eager practitioners who's focus turns to helping improve our (the GCS membership) capacity to improve health through adjusting subluxations. 

This years guest speaker, Dr John Kelly, both entertained and offered some food for thought with his philosophy presentation on Saturday evening - "Vitalism, the big idea" - as he offered his interpretation on the practicalities of utilising this paradigm in the contemporary landscape. 

Most important thing I took away, after such an information soaked seminar, was the reminder that I'm not the only one on this journey toward chiropractic mastery......... It's always nice to hear the instructors describe how they were once just as clumsy as anyone else starting out. To then watch and realise the amazingly honed skills they've developed; from the soft touch to the seemingly effortless setting of the subluxated bone back to where nature intended it to be, you can't help but be impressed. These skilled practitioners once sat slumped in an essential class chair learning how to correctly place line drawings on the spinograph, then practiced their way through years of technique classes before they finally started to see a light at the end. It wasn't untill they had spent a number of years toiling before they started to bear the fruit of their hard work. 

Dr Peter Walters made a welcomed return to the presenters list taking the technique class through pelvic bench set-ups. Need I ask what the take home message was from the founding father of GCS (Aust) ...? 
P to A through your primary contact ! I'm sure that sounds familiar to the lucky attendees of the technique class.

Advanced class attendees were taken through the finer points of spinographic interpretation in the wonderfully conversational, gentle and matter of fact delivery that can only come through many many years of experience by Dr Robin Birchall. As always advanced case management principles were naturally blended throughout the presentation. 

Dr Chris Hart gave his usual brilliant, ever reliable and very well rehearsed introduction to the Gonstead system in the Essentials class, truly a delight to receive and what a lucky bunch of participants. 

Dr Tim Free arrived as his usual fantastic self. Eager ears sat perched hanging onto his eloquent but simple descriptions of many complicated technical details. 

Surely each seminar is the best one yet that I've attended ! I pick up something that I didn't own before, often something I've heard many times takes on more significance. That tiny realisation leads to a very small change that seems to explode my potential into the sky like a firework shooting off the harbour bridge. Undoubtedly though it fizzles out, but the more events I attend, whether it be seminars, workshops, talking with skilled practitioners, I learn how to incorporate more tiny changes and my firework display gets better each year :) you really "gotta stay the course" 'cause it don't happen over night. Mondayitis is impossible if you go to work looking for that small change you can make that has the potential to change not one life but thousands of your patients' lives. 

See you all in August for the Melbourne International seminar, it'll be Dr Alex's 25th Anniversary with a Rock'n'Roll night party on Saturday and is surely looking to be the best seminar you've attended yet ! 


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