Dr Scott Campbell-Lloyd


Mt Hawthorn Chiropractic
110 Scarborough Beach Rd
Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia 6016

Chiropractic has such a simply philosophy - remove any interference to the nerve system function thereby allowing the brain and body to communicate freely. The Gonstead system of chiropractic adheres strongly to such a philosophy and delivers in the most specific manner possible.

Having been extremely fortunate to have had some of the best Gonstead lecturers and tutors in the country during my uni days, I find it very humbling to be in their company as a Gonstead chiropractor, a Gonstead Diplomate and a member of the GCS (Aust) Board.

It is amazing that I have been now practicing for 10 years and am still learning something new about the Gonstead system at each and every workshop and seminar that I attend, whether that be as a student or as a Diplomate assisting the Fellows.

On the Board, I am working to maintain the purity and to improve the presence of the Gonstead system not only throughout Australia, but more specifically in WA and Murdoch Uni. As BJ said - "get the bid idea and all else follows."