Dr Brad Prestidge


Prestidge Chiropractic
239 Sydney Road
Fairlight, New South Wales 2094
Chiropractor BSc MChiro Dacnb.

Since it’s conception, the goal at Prestidge Chiropractic is to deliver the highest level of hands on HealthCare in todays market.

I believe in caring for people and helping them achieve the results they want.

Gaining an accurate diagnosis is the foundation for any treatment. This allows me to get to the cause of the presenting symptom and be specific in treatment for each individual.

Working with elite sports people who are committed to obtaining the optimal result from their body to achieve their goal has allowed me insight into how to achieve exeptional results in the shortest possible time. Chiropractic looks at the biomechanics, physiology and application of the specific sport movements to support athletes in reaching their optimum level of performance thereby enhancing results. I am currently a member of the Australian Bobsleigh team and understand on a personal level what it takes to perform at an elite level.

Alongside Chiropractic, my passion is Neurology, Neuroplasticity and Functional Neurology in the clinic environment. Neurology in the clinic environment gives me a greater understanding of the human body and how it works, allowing me the ability to have a positive influence on conditions and help people that would normally be untreatable. I have completed a diplomate course in functional neurology.

I am continually inspired by the amazing results that are achieved with this application.

I have been on the teaching staff at Macquarie University over the past 12 years because I want to see our profession move forward and develop.

I am also a Fellow in training for the Gonstead Chiriopractic Society, the highest recognised position within the profession.