Case Studies

Case studies bring the seminar information to life.....

Remind yourself why you're working hard to become a better Gonstead chiropractor. Your Australian Gonstead diplomates are perpetually creating case reports, for your development and interest we're passing some of them on to you.

International Journal for Practising Chiropractors
The IJPC has been established to provide an online platform to publish well researched and referenced, peer reviewed case studies and reports related to chiropractic health care.  

Extreme Kyphosis Managed by the Gonstead System of Chiropractic
Author: Dr Daniel Su
April 2018

Vertigo & Lower Cervial Subluxation Utilising the Gonstead Systematic Approach in Chiropractic
Author: Julie-Anne Kelly
August 2017

Gonstead Chiropractic Care and Atopic Eczema
Author: Scott Campbell-Lloyd

Sciatica and Sacro-Iliac Joint Subluxations in Women
Author: Joe Bonanno

Epilepsy - A Case Study
Author: Brad Prestidge
August 2005

Referred Testicular Pain and Chiropractic: A Conservative Treatment Choice
Author: Scott Champion
August 2002