Ambassador Program

Gonstead Ambassador Training Program

The Certification Process

The Gonstead Ambassador Program is a structured learning and review process that will help each candidate become a better Gonstead chiropractor. It will challenge you and help you grow.

The Gonstead Ambassador program is the first level of further education available through the Gonstead Chiropractic Society. A candidate may start the process when they have 2 years private practice experience and attended 8 Gonstead seminars run by GCS (Aust). Their last completed seminar must have been attended within the 12 month period prior to applying.

Ambassador: A Gonstead Ambassador is the title awarded to a candidate who completes the 3 module training program. These candidates will elevate their knowledge and proficiency in the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. Successful candidates will be awarded a certificate stating ‘Gonstead Ambassador’ and receive recognition and notation of this achievement in our referral directory and online. A Gonstead Ambassador has no tutoring responsibilities.

To maintain Ambassadors status, Ambassadors are expected to attend 1 seminar per year, and remain a Full member of the GCS (Aust). Should Ambassador status lapse, a candidate would need to attend the next available workshop and show proficiency in module 2.

Fees: All candidates will pay a $500 registration fee. Seminars and workshops are charged as per normal. All candidates must be current financial members of GCS (Aust) and maintain good standing during the Ambassador program.

Application process: Email the treasurer at stating your interest in commencing the Ambassador program.  The treasurer will issue you with an invoice through the GCS(Aust) website at for you to pay.  Once paid the Vice President will email you Module 1 and the names of your assigned mentors.

Course Criteria: Graduates with a minimum of 8 Gonstead seminars and 2 years in practice may apply to enter the Ambassador training program. Whilst a candidate is undertaking the course, they will need to attend at least one seminar run by Australian presenters and one by international presenters each year.

Candidates will be assisted throughout the course, utilizing a mentor program. On entering the course, each candidate will be assigned 2 Diplomates. These Diplomates will assist the candidates by critiquing their work prior to submission for assessment by the Fellows.

The Training Program will be broken down into three (3) separate modules that are best completed sequentially. A candidate is expected to pass all criteria within a module before proceeding to the next module. Failure to complete a module will require the candidate to re-sit that module before progressing. All assessment pass marks will be set at 75%. This high level is to ensure that Ambassadors maintain the current high standards within the GCS (Aust).

Module I: Your Chiropractic Philosophy: Understanding the Science and Art of Chiropractic

Candidates should commence the training program by reading the section on philosophy in, “In the Footsteps of Dr. G”, section II, “Chiropractic Philosophy” as well the journal articles emailed to you by the Vice President.

Module I requires candidates to complete the following steps via email:

Step 1: Submit a topic and outline for a Philosophy paper to their Diplomate mentors. The outline should be brief, consisting of a few paragraphs explaining the content of the paper

Step 2: Write and submit the first draft of your Philosophy paper, for critiquing by your Diplomate mentors.

Step 3: Make the relevant changes that have been recommended by your mentors to improve your paper and resubmit for proof reading.

Step 4: Once your paper has been completed, it is to be submitted to the co-ordinator (VP) who will pass it onto the Fellows for their assessment and possible recommended changes. A “pass” must be attained before being eligible to start module 2.

Step 5: Be prepared to present a summary article or a synopsis of your paper at a Gonstead Seminar, if asked.

Module II: Your Gonstead technique skills. 

“The Gonstead Technique” DVD, featuring Dr Alex Cox, is the gold-standard set by the GCS for all candidates to follow. This is available with membership on the website. This module begins with an Ambassador technique workshop explaining the standards required using Gonstead equipment to demonstrate your proficiency. The venue will usually be the second Gonstead seminar for the year.

Assessment will require candidates to attend a workshop and demonstrate proficiency to 2 Diplomates in the following procedures : 

·         the nervoscope, explaining the technique for its use and identification of a break

·         static and motion palpation of the spine (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Pelvis)

·         the marking of x-rays (full-spine film or digital )

·         5 narrated setups consisting of Upper Cervical, Lower Cervical, Thoracic on Knee-Chest table, Lumbar and Pelvis on Side-posture bench.

·         performing a complete Gonstead Chiropractic patient examination of no longer than 7 minutes and not narrated.

Any components not adequately passed will need to be rechecked at a later stage.

Module III: Your knowledge – The Gonstead Science

This module will involve considerable self-guided learning and review.  After completing the below required reading and attending an Essentials class at the GCS seminar, be prepared to answer questions to test your theoretical knowledge of the Gonstead system.  This assessment will take place during the breaks at seminar and/or on the day of the Module 2 Practical examination. 

Step 1: Attend at least one Essential class with either GCS (Aust) or Gonstead Seminars (USA).

Step 2: Review the following chapters of Herbst, “Gonstead Chiropractic Science and Art”:  Chapter 1 -18

Step 3: Review the following chapters of Plaugher ‘Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic’:  Chapter 2, 4 and 5.

As with Module 2, any components not adequately passed will need to be rechecked at a later stage.

Upon satisfactory completion of the three modules of the Gonstead Ambassador training program, the GCS (Aust.) will award the title Gonstead Ambassador.