Dr John Trowse

Dr John Trowse

Diplomate, 58 Seminars
Extremity Certified
(08) 8271 9577

As a toddler about 18 months of age I fell from a high chair damaging my upper cervical spine. At the time my parents didn’t think anything of it until my health started to dramatically decline. My balance was affected, my breathing became irregular, I lost weight, I suffered from high temperatures and fevers and was generally unwell.

My parents followed the normal medical channels involving blood samples, brain CT scans and even a lumbar puncture for a cerebral spinal fluid sample suspecting Meningitis, all returning negative. They had exhausted all avenues and didn’t know what to do and it was at this point a friend recommended they try their Chiropractor.

The Chiropractor took some x-rays explained the problem of interference to my nervous system and set about adjusting the subluxation to relieve the nerve interference. My parents said they started noticing an improvement straight away.

I recovered from my early health problems and grew up having regular chiropractic care. If I started feeling unwell it was off to the Chiropractor. I have had regular chiropractic care throughout my life and it has kept me healthy and active and inspired me to become a Chiropractor.

I have been in private practice in Adelaide as a Gonstead Chiropractor since December 1991.

I am very passionate about the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. I love the fact that it is highly analytical and specific. I have completed post graduate studies and examinations and currently am one of only two Gonstead Chiropractors in South Australia to hold a Gonstead Diplomate qualification. I am a current member of the Chiropractic Association of Australia and hold a position on the SA board and am a member of the Gonstead Chiropractic Society of Australia, (G.C.S. Aust.).

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